Custom Golf Luggage

Introducing the ICON range of stylish, customisable luggage for Golfers

The ICON range of stylish, customisable golfers' luggage

After much searching, we've finally discovered a fabulous range of golfers' luggage that not only mixes style and quality with affordability - but is also customisable. Introducing the ICON range of customisable golfing luggage for 2011.

A wide range of products with innovative features at very affordable prices make this range ideal for prizes, giveaways, society gifts, etc.

Available in three different fabric finishes: black hide, brown suede or black suede finish, we can add our high-quality embroidery finish to make products to be proud of.

Each item of luggage can be printed with your own logo, brand or other identity to create a totally customised and persoanl item.

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For further information on our ICON range of custom golf luggage, contact us now or telephone 0118 9 735 656 for a friendly chat.